Frequently Asked Questions IV Therapy

What is IV Therapy?

IV therapy (intravenous therapy) is a medical treatment that can help with a variety of medical conditions. Vitamins and minerals are delivered rapidly and precisely into your bloodstream and treat a condition extremely fast.

Is IV Therapy Safe?

Yes, it is safe when performed by trained healthcare professional such as Dr. James Sturm D.O. DABA, FIPP.

Does IV Therapy Hurt?

It depends on your pain threshold, but rest assured that Dr. Sturm has over 30 years of experience doing this and knows what he is doing.

What types of Fluids or Solutions are administered via IV?

During your visit you will receive saline and also the minerals and or vitamins that are mixed together depending on the IV Infusion that you are receiving.

Can Vitamins and Minerals be administered through IV Therapy?

Yes, that's the great thing about IV Therapy! You can see each vitamins and minerals that are in each infusion by going to each infusion page.

What Conditions or Symptoms can IV Therapy help with?

Depending on the type of IV Drip Infusion you get, IV Therapy can help with a number of symptoms and conditions including: reducing migraines, boost immunity, provides hydration, fight chronic fatigue, helps with depression, helps with fibromyalgia, convert fat into energy, enhance athletic performance, detox your system, reduce inflammation, ease nausea, decrease recovery time, and so much more.

Are there any Side Effects or Risks with IV Therapy?

IV Therapy is a safe procedure when done by an experienced healthcare professional. As with any medical procedure, there are possible side effects such as: infection where the IV was placed, infiltration (swelling around injection area), and possibly more. Know that when done at Drip 33 IV Therapy, we have a doctor that has over 30 years of experience that has seen about everything.

How long does an IV Therapy session usually take?

IV Therapy takes about 30 minutes to finish.

How often should I receive IV Therapy?

Depending on the IV Drip you receive, you can do it every week to every month.

What is the Cost of IV Therapy?

We keep most of our IV Infusions at $150 per infusion. Check out our infusion pages for updated pricing.

What's the difference between a Regular IV and a Vitamin IV Drip?

A regular IV will deliver fluids and electrolytes directly to the patients bloodstream. Vitamin IV Drip (IV Therapy) will add vitamins and or minerals to a regular IV that also gets injected directly to the patients bloodstream for immediate results.

Are there any contraindications for IV Therapy?

You should see if you are allergic to any of the vitamins or minerals in the IV Drip Infusion you are interested in by looking at each infusion page. When you call us to schedule an session, let us know what your allergies are so our doctor knows what kind of infusion to craft.

Can Children receive IV Therapy?

We do not perform IV Therapy on anyone below the age of 18.

How can I find a Qualified Professional for IV Therapy?

At Drip 33 IV Therapy, our qualified professional is Dr. James Sturm D.O. DABA, FIPP. He has over 30 years of experience and does injections everyday, he performs every infusion for Drip 33 IV Therapy.