Why did we Choose the name Drip 33?

Why Drip33? Drip 33 is named after a blend of elements. It is a combination of the medical attribute and part of our past in America. “Drip” comes from the IV contribution. It is referring to the drip action that comes from the IV fluids, which is exactly what we are doing. 

Drips come in a wide variety of helpful cocktails, and we have several for you to choose from with a few being:  

The Myers Cocktail

Gold Standard for IV Therapy

Myers' Cocktail IV Therapy in Saint Charles, MO

The Last Word Cocktail

Helps with: Burning Fat, Metabolize

The Last Word Cocktail IV Therapy in Saint Charles, MO

So 33...?

The “33” is given to us from the year 1933, which was the year the prohibition ended. The year when the heartache and worries were no more. January 1920, the sadness of the prohibition era started. See, at that point the 18th amendment had been put into place which prohibited the manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors. However; it did not prohibit the consumption of those liquors. 

When the people found out about this new amendment, they realized their ways would have to change in order for them to still consume liquor. In places like New York, the only way you'd be able to consume liquor was with a meal. Crazy enough, those places had particular rules also, which came to be known as Raines Law.


All the ends and outs, and behind the scenes through those long years is how we got the terms finger foods and speakeasy, expressions that we still use today. So it all relates back to our speakeasy IV Drip Bar. You can't find this kind of Drip Bar anywhere else, especially one with a triple board certified doctor who performs every infusion. If interested schedule now or call us at (636) 205-4070 today!